Acne Could Be Treated With The Use Of Tablets

When the cause of acne is the extra bacteria collected under the skin, antibiotic tablets may offer some help. They work by killing the bacteria, thus reducing the inflammation and the redness caused as well.

Blocked pores however cannot be opened with antibiotics. Another treatment with benzoyl peroxide may be combined together with antibiotic treatment. Pregnant women, breast feeding women and children however should not take these antibiotics which are normally tetracycline based. Their absorption is affected by the intake of food and milk. Therefore it is important to obey the doctors instructions and take the antibiotic on an empty tummy with water.

Oestrogen delivered by use of the contraceptive pill may help reduce acne in some women. This is acne that tends to flare up more around the time of the periods. Acne that began in adulthood may be reduced by this method as well.

Another type of tablets that work in a different way are called Isotretonoin. These work directly on the sebum glands. The help to simply reduce the amount of sebum produced. This helps to solve the problem of the oily skin. These tablets are used only as a last resort and are prescribed only by specialists. Other treatments of acne have to be tried first before resorting to these. This is because they carry the risks of serious side effects with them. For other tips on how to treat acne, check this source.

Treatments may take up to even 4 weeks before any differences are visible. It is important to keep up with any treatment that has been started for more than 6 weeks at least. The treatment should be applied regularly and also correctly. Most spots will clear up with time, leaving only the odd spot perhaps.

Maintenance treatment will still be required to make sure the acne is kept totally out. Topical treatments work best if the skin is washed 20-30 minutes before use. These rub on treatments may cause mild skin irritation is some cases. Use should be discontinued if this happens. A lower concentration of the treatment may be tried instead after the irritation has cooled down.

The above topical treatment should be applied at least 2 times a day once it is comfortable to use. The strength of the application may be increased after first starting with the lowest one which is usually 2.5%. A water based preparation is better then an alcohol one. The length of time it is left on the skin should also be increased gradually starting from only the fewest hours.

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